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Sat, Aug. 20th, 2005, 08:05 am
_emuhlee: and yes I am up way too early

Congratulations to you guys on our first show last night!

I won't lie, the marching is still really rough, but it sounded awesome. a lot better than the sound in rehearsals this week.

next week we're going to be working on pregame a lot as well as reviewing the show A LOT.
hit march play march hit march play march.

remember that our first contest is going to be on september 20th. (shelby county showcase)
so that is not far away at all. one month from today, actually.
please practice and pass off your music ASAP---it makes marching the show a lot easier too.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
let's work hard next week. yes.
and it will be hot. but we'll live.

again, great job last night!