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Tue, Aug. 30th, 2005, 10:37 am

yay no school.

as of yesterday in 5th period band tech, Mr. Bubbett had made the itinerary out so that we would practice today but well that is not really happening seeing as how we all slept in and are rejoicing because we have so much work to do (uhhh well that's my case, anyway).

but i THINK this is how it will probably be

Wednesday: OUTSIDE rehearsal 3:15-4:30
Thursday: outside rehearsal, like normal until 5:30
Friday: no pep rally, rehearsal OUTSIDE from 3:20-4:30
go back inside after that, load the buses around 5
eat at the stadium
pregame at 6:40
game at 7

that is all assuming the game doesn't get cancelled on friday, which I hope not.

there is your information.
happy day.